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The people behind Envisio


We have created a business and service offering that shifts expectations.

The technology is cool and so we challenge ourselves, now what? 

What changes? - How can we make the experience better?

The Talent
Photographer, videographer and filmmaker, he sees the world as it could be. He loves the new tech available, that is shifting what is possible and he wanted this tech available in Cape Town. So he made it happen.

Creative Director

Michael Rupp

The Passion 
With a diverse background in the film industry. Matt knows Cape Town has so many amazing experiences and wants to share them with the world, from film locations to iconic sites, Cape Town has it all, it is now time to show the world.

Business Director

Mathew Esof

The Focus
Dave’s expertise is in “fixing” problems faced by Global Companies. He initially provided seed funding, then fell in-love with the potential of Envisio and joined the crew.

Managing Director

Dave Colley

Contact us to stay ahead, because champagne shouldn’t be sold like box wine.

2018 Envisio

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